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  • Ep. 33 “Binge and Purge: Mission Impossible”
  • Ep. 32 “Not So Happy Endings”
  • Ep. 31 “Whiskey Breakfast”
  • Ep. 30 “Well You’re Stupid”
  • Ep. 29 “Draft Kings”
  • Ep. 28 “Hashtags & Heroism”
  • Ep. 27 “Two Forms of Identification”
  • Ep. 26 “The Great Review: Noah”


General tomfoolery, miscellaneous interviews, and that which we love above all else. The sound of our own voices.

Ep. 31 “Whiskey Breakfast”

Ep. 31 “Whiskey Breakfast”

September 21, 2015

In this episode we introduce a new segment for our podcast called "Whiskey Breakfast". This is a whole episode dedicated to drinking news and beer or liquor recommendations. This episode features our Beer Correspondent Jon joining us to talk about Oktoberfest Beers, the most popular liquor by state, and what we are all drinking this month.
Ep. 29 “Draft Kings”

Ep. 29 “Draft Kings”

August 19, 2015

In this episode we decide to have a little competition! Let's say you are in charge of picking a team to travel to a far off planet for colonization. You get to draft one captain and five crew members. Who do you pick?
Ep. 28 “Hashtags & Heroism”

Ep. 28 “Hashtags & Heroism”

August 11, 2015

In this episode we move to the big city! For our first episode recorded in the fine town of Chicago, what do we decided is important enough for an hour of our time? Twitter. That's right, in this episode we see if we can break down the Black Lives Matter movement and social media activism.